Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Yule!

I know I'm late but I just get chance to use my computer :)

Blessed Be

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Hottest Brothers on this Earth. And very very witchy...mmmmrrrrrr...

They are back with "This is War" :D

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dear reader

I have started with nice story created by my Witch Sister's friends, because I don't like the first posts. You never know what to write, how to start.
I think I should have a plan, about what kind of stuff I want to write here, but I don't.
What's more difficult I actually can't even write  proper english (it's not my native language :) ).
You probably noticed those small photos on your right side? Yes, that is my little handcrafting.
In beadings I'm also beginner ,so please don't be to harsh on me.
I want  to show you, that there is a magic in every single thing what we are doing every day. It can be magic. You just have to see it. You have to make a wish.

But be careful what you wish for. :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Core Narrative for Samhuinn 2009

Compiled by the Cailleach Bheur (Kat Herschell), the Green Man (Andrew Tovey) and the Horned God (Bob May).

Over the summer, the Green Man is flourishing in consort to the Goddess. He is a manifestation of all the energies of Summer.

As the season turns, the Goddess starts to transform from Mother to Crone, and her energy affects her consort and dark sides to his personality begin to emerge.

By Samhuinn, the darkness within the Green Man has grown to become a vast shadow following behind him. He has become unstable, and a self destructive element has arisen inside him, though as yet it has not manifested…

The Green Man, as spirit of the land, appears amongst the Summer Court as they begin to celebrate a fruitful harvest. He joins them in their revelry. He lives totally in the moment and has no conception of the times ahead.

The Green Man, with the shadow behind him, is confronted by [unconfirmed group or individual]. This causes him to turn around for the first time and see the self-destruction that has built inside of him.

In doing so he turns away from the Goddess. At this point, the Goddess’ attachment to Summer, and her consort, is brutally severed. She stands alone, feeling pain and loss for what has gone by. Beneath her veil, in the darkness, she is transforming more and more into the hag.

The shadow (which is the Horned God under a black cloak) briefly stands and stares back at the Green Man.

A split occurs within the God as a whole, creating two halves, both of which are unstable:
The Green Man continues on a pathway of oblivious growth and living for the moment.
The Horned God is the Green Man’s own self-destruction, ripped from within him and made solid.

The split finalises a severance of the consort from the Goddess.

An unstoppable series of events has begun…

The summer court process around the Horned God and the shadow fades from view…

The Green Man continues on his way, leading the Court of Summer.

Meanwhile, the Horned God, with Summer Court disappearing ahead, waits alone and calls the disparate forces of winter to him (possible horn blast).

Once Winter has assembled, the Horned God is revealed. He is the alter-ego of the Green Man and an embodiment of the self destruction that has grown within him.

Summer Court arrives at the stage. Summer court groups create performances which celebrate the summer and the harvest. There is an atmosphere of revelry. [During summer court performances we would like groups to think about linking into the core narrative, interacting with each other and creating performances which flow from one to the next]

Meanwhile the forces of winter, having assembled into a court, head towards Summer but hold back, biding their time [note: this can be filled with many exciting performances and/or rituals].

Inside the summer court, things are starting to go wrong. The summer needs to weaken within itself before the winter can approach just as the leaves turn and the fruit falls. [Groups may decide to embody this in their character progressions or group interactions]

At some point, Winter launches a successful assault upon the Summer court. This is also the point at which the Horned God first enters the main performance space and his full nature becomes known to the Green man. The Summer court are scattered, destroyed or go back into the Earth [delete as appropriate!]

The Horned God confronts the Green Man.

A big fight happens. The Horned God eventually gets the upper hand. The male ego has caved in on itself and wrought its own destruction. The Green Man lies close to death. The Horned God is consumed by madness.

The Horned God is subdued by the presence of the Cailleach, who has stepped forward, still veiled, re-establishing the broken connection between God and Goddess. She hypnotically overpowers the madness of the Horned God, who is brought back from the edge. He turns back to face the Green Man.

There is a moment between the Green Man and the Horned God where they rejoin and the soul of the Consort is made whole again. In that brief moment, feeling the renewed bond to the Goddess and an awareness of the inevitability of their place in the cycle, the Green Man willingly passes the last of his life force over to his counterpart. In so doing he dies but ensures that part of his spirit lives on in the Horned God. This part is the flame or essence of the consort.

A renewed connection to the Goddess and the gift from the Green Man bring balance to the Horned God and he is able to undergo a transition from the chaos and destruction that has been driving him, to stability and an embodiment of the continued processes of nature within the land, which the Court of Winter now represent.

The focus at this point is now on the Cailleach. The veiled Cailleach bids the Horned God stand aside, and comes forward to the body of the Green Man. She breathes into him the last remnant of warmth left in her from the summer. In doing this, she resurrects the Green Man, but in a very different form. He carries the seed of potential, and the Cailleach sends him away, back to the land from where he came.

Having given the Green Man her last warmth, the Cailleach finally embraces her new aspect fully, unveiling herself as the hag of winter.

The Cailleach, now visible to all, beckons to the Horned God. The forces of male and female are once again joined, and together, the Cailleach and the Horned God present themselves as the Lord and Lady of Winter.

Then it’s Winter and we all have a big party!

Those were our ideas. Now we need lots of other people to add their own and to help us build a cohesive narrative that includes everyone! We look forward to working closely with you all.

Love from:

The Cailleach Bheur

The Green Man
The Horned God


Belatne Fire Society

Happy Halloween :D