Saturday, October 06, 2012

Goddess inside

She whispers inside of my head: 'You know that some things just must have to happen. And not you or anybody can stop it. There is no escape. So be patient my love. Be patient. Learn and evolve, and when the times will come you will be ready to get everything.'
And I don't know who is she. It feels like me, but sometimes I think it must be Her, 'cause she is stronger then me. Smarter and more confident. It is confusing...but I remember what friend told me once: Do not reconsider it. Embrace it. It may be the only way She can get into you.
I listen.
I know few things for certain now.
I can switch on, a special kind of look into your eyes. (Just need to practice it a bit)
If I am not making any first moves I am invisible. But If I will let you see me, your life never be the same.