Saturday, October 27, 2012

I was thinking long and hard last night, after a lovely talk I've had with my Friend. In our lifetime we are meeting so many people. Sometimes they are staying longer, sometimes they are just passing by. And when they are gone we are thinking 'what if?', or maybe we should do more, or be different. And it hits me. Maybe I have lost opportunity for my lifetime happiness, because I was to scared or too selfish? Maybe, but I am not going to make the same mistake twice. So from now on, if I feel something I will manifest my feelings. Because tomorrow maybe too late. Maybe my heart will change, or you will be gone from my life forever? I don't want to wait for mirracles anymore. I want to create them. Or die trying. With no expectations, whatever I'll do, I'll do it because I want to. We have eachother for such a short time of our life. Lets make the best of it!

And one more thing my Friend. We all may come from one source. But we are not one. Not anymore.  < 3
 I love you with all my heart. And I am not afraid anymore.

(I lied - I am afraid...)