Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My last time at home.

He was so excited, that he starts posing for me :) My sweet cat.

I miss my Burrow. Because it's like a Burrow from Harry Potter. I'll spare you a details. :)

But on the other hand it's like Grimmauld Place.

'Cause Mr and Mrs Blacks are living here.. My very own Mrs Black. I've promissed to myself that when she will be gone (hope it won't be to soon) I'll make her big portret and it will be hang in my main corridor.
This year I was watching them, and I never was more proud, from being a part of this family, in my entire life.
That is the weirdest family in the whole world.You must think I'm crazy. I think I am a bit. :) But I like to be myself. Weird Witch Of The South. :D

I miss them so much now ,and I miss my mysterious garden with rowan trees and lavender. And there is nothing what I can do. Sad.

And this is my second familiar. (and the third, and fourth, and fifth... :) )