Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mistery of my scent ;>

Amarige Mariage

From the scent of the original Amarige, the fragrance has inherited strength and vivacity, generous and contagious joy, and femininity in full bloom.
Amarige Mariage is an olfactory creation that differs from its predecessor, however. While the original Amarige is a Floral Floral, Amarige Mariage is an assertive Chypre Oriental, an Eau de Parfum with a textured, highly sensual femininity.

Structured by the chypre accord and enhanced by high-quality natural materials, its rare fragrance has a sublime roundness, just like a bridal bouquet.

The mischievous, sparkling notes of Sicilian Bitter Orange and Calabrian Bergamot represent the first peal of laughter.

Then comes a ray of light, with Magnolia and Egyptian Jasmine, enveloped by the subtle, rare and precious aura of Ceylon Cinnamon.
A final, unforgettably sensual mood is provided by a touch of Siam Benzoin and a note of Sandalwood, united against a backdrop of Patchouli.

And everything is clear now :)

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