Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tarot for today

The Queen of Swords


That which is indicated by the card modified has begun, has become a concept.
The first step is taken forward, the action has begun, the will has been directed. The Seed is palnted The Journey has begun.


Undirected will. The wrong action has been taken or at least considered. Querent may be unable to direct the will enough to get started.

Queen of Swords: Independence
Message: You need to be independent. Empathy may distract you. Think with your head not with your heart. Devote your full attention and concentration to your situation or the volume of information will overwhelm. Tell it like it is.
Outcome: You will encounter or have to act as an independent person who sees ideas and information as powers to be used. Sympathy will not be lacking. Be careful loneliness does not turn strength into rigidity, tactlessness, or prudishness.


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